15. October 2020 | Planegg

As a design-in partner for Qualcomm in Europe, Atlantik offers products and development opportunities around Qualcomm's all-new XR2 platform for portable devices.




It includes a customized and optimized Android operating system as well as low-latency (< 16 ms) playback features, and:

  • Launcher & key apps
  • <10S Fast Boot
  • 2D apps auto adaption
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Qualcomm XR SDK 3.0
  • Optical tuning/IPD tuning
  • Foveated rendering/360 Audio
  • 6DOF Head tracking
  • Gesture and voice CMD

VR will offer unprecedented experiences and opportunities for playing, learning and communicating with others. Qualcomm's solutions enable a variety of advanced features in slim and stylish XR eyewear, including speakers, tracking and recording cameras, inertial, tactile and health sensors, multiple high-sensitivity audio microphones, multimode connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, etc.) and more ), many passive and active cameras with fisheye and telephoto lenses, optoelectronic night vision and thermal imaging sensors, ambient light sensors, eye-tracking cameras and new optical and projection technologies within a semi-transparent display.

Ultimately, smart glasses can become an imperceptible device that replaces almost all other devices such as smartphones, cameras and PCs.

Development kits based on Qualcomm's SXR2130P augmented reality processor are now available.

These kits provide a user-friendly platform for the ultra-compact, production-ready XR system on modules (SoM). These SoMs leveraged Qualcomm® heterogeneous computing architecture to provide a solution with multiple specialized processing cores for high-performance AI processing, image and graphics processing and audio processing.

The development kit provides an ideal starting point for evaluating or developing next-generation embedded and IoT devices. The platform consists of a carrier board with all available I/Os and a range of accessories to accelerate your product development.

The Qualcomm XR processors can be use in a wide range of applications, including VR googles and smart glasses but also video conference systems, multi-camera systems, machine vision platforms, advanced high resolution multi-display systems, medical imaging and handheld data collectors.