Qualcomm Snapdragon Edge Computer
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For applications such as Smart Healthcare, Smart Building, Smart Grid, Smart Traffic, Smart Factory, etc.

Snapdragon Edge Computer

Suitable for a wide variety of applications

The Thundercomm EBX Edge AI Boxes are designed to address the diverse edge computing needs in different verticals and scenarios, including smart industry, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart energy, and smart retail. The EBX series is based on high-performance and low-power AI platforms, supports deep neural network algorithms, edge cloud synergy, and integrates multiple AI processing modules suitable for development, deployment, and maintenance.



EBX Edge AI Box Series advantages

Edge-Cloud SynergyFlexible DeploymentRich AI algorithmus for variety applications
  • One-stop AI training platform 
  • Platform for managing the edge with one station
  • A wide range of interfaces 
  • Industrial quality, compact size, fan-less design
  • Tailored for industry scenarios
  • More than 90% detection accuracy








TurboX EB2 Edge AI Box

Manufacturer: Thundercomm

Thundercomm's EB2 Edge AI Box is a cost-effective edge computing device with 1.7 TOPS AI performance and 6 channels of FHD video decoding. It can flexibly adapt to various network access requirements during deployment, including Gbits Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi. With its compact and industrial design, TurboX EB2 Edge AI Box offers a variety of interfaces and stable performance. Embedded in OSware Edge, it supports edge cloud synergy, remote AI algorithm and application deployment, FOTA, making it widely used in application areas such as digital signage, smart retail, smart building and so on.

EB5 Edge AI Box

Manufacturer: Thundercomm

Features powerful AI and video decoding capabilities. It supports device edge cloud synergy, remote algorithm and application deployment, FOTA and DM. Can be deployed in complex environments such as building, medical, retail, manufacturing, transportation and urban, etc.

  • Industry-grade hardware
  • Flexible cloud connectivity
  • Powerful chipset
  • Simplified usage

EB6 Edge AI Box

Manufacturer: Thundercomm

The EB6 Edge AI Box is an edge computing device that can provide extremely high AI performance with a 15 TOPS SoC and an expandable 70 TOPS AI performance accelerator card. Supports 24 channels of FHD video decoding. Industrial-grade design ensures the product's reliability and stability. Ultra-high AI performance and embedded in OSware. Edge, supports edge cloud synergy, remote AI algorithm and application deployment, FOTA, which makes it widely used in the fields of applications such as smart healthcare, smart building, smart grid, smart traffic, smart factory, etc.

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