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Our Target Markets

Our greatest ambition is to put our customers in a leading market position.

Atlantik Elektronik is a trend scout for new technologies. We are constantly identifying and verifying innovations, manufacturers and products on the world market. We share this knowledge and technology advantage with our customers to give them a competitive edge.

Target markets Overview


With proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, Atlantik Elektronik provides hardware and software for automotive solutions. Our focus is on the infotainment sector, which we address with our innovative radio and display solutions. We are a technology pioneer, especially in the car radio field, and we are paving the way from digital radio...


Atlantik Elektronik provides leading consumer solutions. With ready-to-use products that can easily be adapted to any kind of consumer solutions, we significantly shorten the design cycles for our cus...


Atlantik Elektronik provides leading industrial solutions, which is one of our key segments in Europe. We have served over 3,000 large and midsize industrial companies and have developed long-term rel...

Health & Fitness

To offer our customers innovative health & fitness solutions, we work on two tracks. On the one hand, we rely on global leaders such as Qualcomm and its Snapdragon Wear Platform for all types of p...

Smart Home

Atlantik Elektronik provides leading smart home solutions. With our proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, Atlantik Elektronik provides hardware and software, cloud solutions, system int...

Smart City

Atlantik Elektronik provides smart city solutions ranging from public safety and traffic management to intelligent lighting, environment sensors, water treatment, digital signage and smart retail applications.

Smart Logistics

Atlantik Elektronik provides leading smart logistics solutions that can be used to monitor traffic and vehicles or to create any kind of telematic devices or tracking applications.

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