Displays and HMI Solutions
Our innovative HMI solutions are in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, featuring a large selection of standard and customizable touch displays, camera components and others.

Our Displays and HMI Portfolio

Our diverse product range features high-performing solutions and technical precision.  

In addition to standard and customer-specific displays and touch components, we offer customized HMI system solutions along the entire value chain, from the combination and integration of various technologies from our partners to our end-to-end solutions including product certification, testing, production and supply chain management. 

We are available to advise our customers on “make or buy” decisions. 

Displays and HMI Solutions Overview

Products and Solutions

LCD Displays
Our HMI solutions business unit offers a large number of standard TFT LCD and intelligent displays from various leading manufacturers with many value-added options. Our standard portfolio incorporates TN, FSTN, TFT and IPS wide-angle technology. For customer-specific display solutions, Atlantik Elektronik can integrate custom cover glass, specific coatings (anti-reflective, anti-glare) as well as ...
LCD Displays
OLED is self-illuminating (no backlight required) thinner and lighter than conventional LCDs. OLED technology also allows high-contrast displays that are available in passive (PM) or active-matrix (AM) designs.
OLED Display
E-Paper Displays
Atlantik Elektronik provides e-paper displays for applications that require minimal power consumption, such as electronic shelf labels and price tags, information panels and e-reader technology.  
Touch Display Devices
Touch Displays are used in many consumer and industrial applications. Atlantik Elektronik provides various types of touch display technology solutions and offers application-specific touch tuning for an optimum user experience, from resistive to PCAP touch solutions for display diagonals ranging in size from 1” to 85” to a wide range of controllers to meet a customer’s specific need, such as ...
Touch Display Devices
Curved Display, Transparent Display, 3D Screens
Our HMI portfolio offers various types of curved display, transparent display, 3D screens and other solutions to enhance the user experience.
Curved Display, Transparent Display, 3D Screens
Time of Flight / 3D Imaging
Our HMI solutions feature various types of cameras from standard modules to custom design. In the field of 3D imaging, Atlantik Elektronik offers 3D ToF modules and solutions from global chip manufacturers.
Time of Flight / 3D Imaging

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