QSFP28 100G ZR4 transceivers stretch your 100G signal up to 80km

19. March 2021 | Planegg

Efficient long reach solutions to deliver 100G signals without expensive amplification


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Features & benefits:

  • Achieve 100G speeds up to 80km with low-cost QSFP28 without costly open-line systems.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of your 100G connections with the first ZR4 on the market.
  • Revolutionize your backhaul and distribution of service network.
  • Compatible with the full catalog of OEM switches and routers.
  • Expert support standing by to spec, diagnose, and troubleshoot your way to success.

Service providers have been searching for solutions to offer 100G services beyond 40km from lower-cost QSFP28 ports since the QSFP28 was introduced.

ProLabs recognized the growing needs for far reach high speed transceivers, bringing to market the QSFP28 100G ZR4 transceiver line. Integrating an APD receiver with SOA amplification, optics deliver 100G signals without using costly open-line systems.

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