18. July 2018 | Planegg

The new LoRa module „WLRS-590“ is designed and manufactured by SparkLAN in a smallest form factor SiP (System in Package). LoRaWAN means Long Range Wide Area Network and is the communication protocol of the LoRa-Technology.


Key features:

  • Frequency: 863~928 MHz, ISM Band
  • Interface: UART, SPI, I2C, USB, ADC
  • MCU: STM32L073xZ, ARM Cortex M0+
  • Chipset: Semtech SX1276
  • Ultra-high sensitive receiving ability by LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
  • Maximal output power: 100mW (20dBm)
  • Up to 192KB Flash / 20KB RAM
  • 3 x UART
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°

The WLRS-590 uses the unlicenced frequency band from 863 to 928 MHz and enables a communication between sensors and gateways, which are connected to the network. LoRa achieves large ranges of several kilometers, enables best coverage with low power consumption and is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures.

LoRa is a new standard, which is best suited for battery-powered applications in the field of Internet of Things. For example, the LoRa technology is used for smart meter readings, for surveillance activities in the factory and in the industry, for people tracking as well as for patient’s vital functions monitoring in the medical technology.


  • Automated meter reading
  • Factory and industrial monitoring
  • Intelligent tracking e.g. of persons
  • Wireless alarm and safety systems
  • Portable medical devices for patient localization, emergency monitoring
  • Irrigation systems


Fitting products

Atlantik Elektronik offers with the new IoT antenna Latona a novel antenna from Antenova´s family lamiiANT. The Latona is for LP-WAN applications including the new 3GPP-standards Cat. NB1 (NB-IoT) and Cat. M1 as well as Sigfox, LoRa and Weightless-P. The antenna is particularly suitable for use in industrial and automotive applications as well as Smart Metering, Smart Building and Smart Cities.
With dimensions of only 20 x 11 x 1.6mm the Latona is one of miniature antennas. As recent member of the lamiiANT family the Latona enables a wide frequency range from 791 MHz to 960 MHz and can be operated in a wide ambient temperature range from -40°C to +140°C.