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Develop innovative, differentiated wearable products with high battery life, an interactive user interface, and multi-standard wireless connectivity using our compact and ultra energy-efficient solutions. Rely on our expertise in IoT development to create consumer IoT solutions that bring convenience to your customers' homes and monitor their well-being and physical activity.

We are well-versed in hardware design, embedded apps, cloud platforms, web and mobile solutions. With our expertise in Internet of Things, Atlantik Elektronik helps you develop consumer IoT solutions that make everyday life more convenient.

Our competencies include hardware design, embedded apps, cloud platforms, web and complete mobile solutions. Our powerful, innovative and trendy wearable platforms are designed to deliver significant improvements in size, power, sensor integration, connectivity, battery life and performance. 


  • Smart watches
  • Kids and elderly watches
  • Smart glasses
  • Smart headsets
  • Wearable cameras
  • XR platforms


Our wearable solution for all types of wearable products

From wearable design to wearable ODM product


UI/UX Design 


We are experienced in UI and animation implementation. With our partner we provide custom design for all types of user scenarios.




Application Development


We develop interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly branded applications from scratch or re-engineer your existing application with custom features, implementations, and integrations to deliver high-performance applications that promote improved interoperability, scalability, and flexibility with a streamlined and automated approach.

  • Quick Menu
  • Notification Bar
  • Boot-Assistent
  • Charging- and Standby Page
  • Status Bar
  • Application List
  • Power Mode




Cloud Service


Cloud technology is a key driving factor to promote the development of wearable devices. Our partner Thundercomm has a complete FOTA cloud deployment plan. Based on these cloud services, we will help you build a cloud platform that can remotely manage wearable devices and update software. It is currently on the wearable platform, Hundreds of thousands of upgrade cases are carried out above.





PCB Design und Montage


Due to the extremely compact size, boot speed, lower power consumption, low heat generation and system reliability requirements, the design of printed circuit is always a challenge to the electronic engineers. Custom an innovative wearable device is never easier by working with Thundercomm experienced and market approven wearable experts to understand and satisfy your requirements and faster launch the product to the market. 


Our Product Portfolio and Services for Wearable Applications

We support you along the entire value chain

Customer requirements can be very individual and range from a standard component supply to outsourced planning, realization and production of an ODM product. As a partner of leading global technology companies, we support our customers in combining and integrating their products to realize the best possible solutions based on customer specifications.

We divide the value chain into three integration levels, starting with "components and modules", which is equivalent to standard distribution, through "customer-specific partial solutions" to complete "ODM products and solutions".


A detailed overview of our portfolio and services can be found below in our flyer.

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Popular products in our portfolio

For Wearable Products and Developments

TurboX™ SDW4100 Development Kit

From Thundercomm

Key Features

  • TurboX SDW4100 Development Kit is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon 4100 wearable platform and TurboX Wear OS. It contains major functions of the wearable devices based on Android operating system. TurboX SDW4100 Development Kit offers rich interfaces and peripherals, the modular design allows developers to customize the components by redesigning the FPC. TurboX SDW4100 comes along with the standard software baseline, which will speed up the watch product development, enable developers to evaluate the performance and build the wearable product prototype quickly.

TurboX™ CM2290 Development Kit

From Thundercomm

Key Features

  • ​​​​The TurboX™ CM2290 Development Kit is designed based on the pin2pin compatible SOMs: C2290/CM2290. It has rich interfaces such as: HDMi In/Out, Ethernet, USB Type-C and expansion connectors which can help customers validate the function and build the prototype quickly.

QCM2290 Development Kit

From _ATXX

Key Features

  • The CM2290 Single Board Computer can be combined with a range of standard displays for development and rapid prototyping, and can be quickly and competitively quoted to meet specific requirements.

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