Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Atlantik Elektronik provides leading consumer solutions. With ready-to-use products that can easily be adapted to any kind of consumer solutions, we significantly shorten the design cycles for our customers. Our products can be used in a variety of integrations, from single-board computers to custom SoC-based PCBAs. We can help find the right balance of development effort and unit cost and support mass production at any scale.

With our proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, Atlantik Elektronik provides hardware and software, cloud solutions, system integration, and design and manufacturing services to offer end-to-end consumer solutions. Our mobile connectivity and edge computing products are creating a new era of possibilities for advanced consumer solutions.


Key technologies


Example applications

  • White goods
  • Brown goods
  • Smart audio 
  • Extended reality 
  • Gaming 
  • Professional audio
  • Consumer router
  • Mi-Fi (Mobile 4G/5G to Wi-Fi )


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